Böcker Introduction to Light Microscopy: Bradbury et al
Böcker Introduction to Light Microscopy: Bradbury et al


Royal Microscopical Society

This book provides detailed an fully illustrated advice on choosing and using the appropiate type of light microscope for a particular application. The low power stereo microscope is described, and the many different types of condensers, objectives and eyepieces required for the high power compound microscope are explained in detail. The book also describes the correct care and use of the microscope in order to achieve the best possible image, and provides a checklist to aid in the diagnosis and correction of problems.

Specific topics covered include:

  • Basic concepts
  • Lens aberration
  • Stereomicroscopes
  • Automated compound microscopes
  • Illumination of the specimen

Practical step-by-step guidance ensures that the reader allways obtains a clear image. Introduction to Light Microscopy is therefore an essential guide for amateur and professional users of the light microscope in all areas of science.

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